Public Sector


You manage all the key infrastructure for our communities, are responsible for driving continual improvements,  and lead innovative approaches to move our society forward in the right way. Thank you!

It is impossible to achieve all this alone, so your responsibility is to identify the right teams and external expertise to help you achieve the right outcomes that maximise the benefits for your communities, stakeholders and staff. But with ever-increasing demand alongside budget-constraints, money is tighter than ever before. This means you continually have to balance quality against the quantity of projects you deliver within your overall budget. At Ahead Business Consulting we can help...


We bring top-level consulting quality and expertise to benefit Scotland’s organisations, and maximise client value from their consultancy investment. We achieve this through a curated associate model and we make no compromise in sourcing the best-matched experts for your needs. Using our network and free from the restrictions and overheads of a fixed workforce, we are versatile, cost efficient, and deliver best solutions by tailoring and flexing our resources. Our cross-sector background enables us to spot efficiencies and we bring innovative thinking.


Our approach starts with a deep understanding of the outcomes you seek, working with you to create a plan that considers the bigger picture across your organisation and communities, and identifies the key risks. This ensures everything is joined up and allows us to manage the risks effectively. But as well as guaranteed delivery, with ABC you also get the added value of our cross-sector experience to identify efficiency and innovation opportunities

Give us a call or email and let’s have a confidential chat.  Only by speaking will you know if ABC can help you deliver your outcomes in the right way.

Some of the ways we can help...

End to End Programme Management

Planning and management of people, process and technology change, delivering desired quality outcomes on time and budget, to realise sustainable benefits for you, your stakeholders and communities. Agile and Waterfall.

Digital Innovation

Working with you to explore how Digital Innovation can help resolve your challenges and deliver better outcomes for your people and communities. We help identify, refine and deliver optimal digital and data solutions.

Create a Performance Culture

Culture is vital to business wellbeing.  We help you foster a nurturing, trusting environment which engages and empowers your people and encourages innovation.

Feasibility Studies

Research and analysis to assess viability of your proposals and review the alternative approaches, products and suppliers available to recommend the optimum way forward.  Typically studies include market research, analysis of customers, competitors, suppliers, new entrants and alternative products as well as costs, capabilities, returns and do-ability within the organisational context.


For strategy to be effective it must come from within the business. You need to believe it, understand it and own it, and it needs to align to your values and purpose. We work with you to precisely define the problem your organisation seeks to address, then co-create the solution approach.  And a good strategy must be execution-ready, with a handful of practical priorities that send a clear message to all your stakeholders about what goals are most important.

Business Cases

We create compelling, robust business cases to enable funding requests and validate your plans.  We test assumptions, create the execution plans, confirm budgets and demonstrate realistic expected returns on your investment.  We can co-author to articulate your winning themes and ensure the business plans align to strategy and purpose.

Based in Falkirk, we support organisations across Scotland and beyond.

Get in touch! Tell us your successes, your aspirations and the challenges you face. We will share how we can help – with no obligation for more.

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