Charities & Social Enterprises


Charities are loved by the British people.  They are the eyes, ears and conscience of society.  They mobilise, they inspire, they advocate and they unite.  

Many charities are delivering or supplementing services traditionally delivered by the state.  Being close to their users, they are often have a unique perspective on needs and are well-placed to improve services.  With higher ethical standards and a focus on meeting needs not shareholder returns, charities occupy many key roles in safeguarding, advocacy, service delivery and fundraising within our society.  Charities create many outputs for the  volunteers, donors, employees, beneficiaries and society at large. 


Organisationally, charities are uniquely complex.  The outputs are both vital and diverse.  Ethical values are less tangible than profit and the pace and organisational structure is less regimented than a private firm.  Yet many of the same drivers apply - focus on what's important, efficiency and effectiveness, change and digital transformation.


Consultants bring fresh perspectives, innovation, valuable experience and a toolbox that few businesses can access from within.  They can bring huge benefit to charities and social enterprises, particularly at the strategy and execution level.  But aren’t consultancies fearsomely expensive and isn’t that money better spent on the social mission?  For most consultants, that is the sad truth.

At ABC we run a lean business.  We chose not to have luxury offices, expensive marketing or invest in cutting edge technologies.  By configuring ourselves to be low cost, and because we hold our own social values, we can deliver targeted and affordable consultancy services without diverting material funds from your true purpose.

Give us a call or email and let’s have a confidential chat.  We will both know within minutes if ABC can help you deliver your outcomes in the right way.

Strategy Days

For strategy to be effective it must come from within the business. You need to believe it, understand it and own it, and it needs to align to your values and purpose. We work with you to precisely define the problem your organisation seeks to address, then co-create the solution approach.  And a good strategy must be execution-ready, with a handful of practical priorities that send a clear message to all your stakeholders about what goals are most important.

High Performance Culture

Culture is vital to business well-being.  We help you foster a nurturing, trusting environment, which engages and empowers your people and encourages innovation.  


Grow capability and improve business performance with interactive, impactful and fun training via webinars and workshops.  Our most sought-after subjects are team-building, leadership, innovation, project management and change management.  We are delivery partners of the innovative and fun online training game Rocket.

Business Cases

We create compelling, robust business cases to enable funding requests and validate your plans.  We test
assumptions, create the execution plans, confirm budgets and demonstrating realistic expected returns on your investment.  We can co-author to articulate your winning themes and ensure the business plans align to strategy and purpose.


We help individuals and teams develop a range of skills so that they can make change happen.  As well as the classic leadership skills, not-for-profit leadership requires collaboration to do more with less and an ability to crisply articulate a vision that counterbalances social and economic uncertainty.

Ongoing Support

Your own trusted consultant advisors on tap. A collaborative hands-on approach for as long or as short as you need, to improve business processes and performance, and help you to implement change and make it stick.
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Based in Falkirk, we support organisations across Scotland.

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