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Covid-19 Support

The coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented time for us all, with huge impact for people, for society

and also for business. For businesses the key objective must be survival.

We all know Darwin's phrase "survival of the fittest", but what he meant by the "fittest" might be less known. 

For him, the fittest are "the most adaptable to change ... [who] work co-operatively against common threats."


So let's all be adaptable and collaborate to beat this together. In that spirit we each need to bring what we can to help - it is in all our interests for as many businesses to survive as possible.


At Ahead Business Consulting our expertise is business and change, so we have the right skills to help.

Therefore we are here to lend our knowledge and expertise for business owners and leaders FREE OF CHARGE.  

On this page we will share advice, support documents and helpful links.

We are running a series of weekly webinars including a Q&A with a panel of experts - to register click here.

And we also have a limited amount of free 121 Support & Advice available, so if you are particularly anxious or don't know where to turn and would like to speak to an expert then Get in Touch.

Document Store

Main Document:

Coronavirus Survival Guide for Business

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Other Documents:

Links or Downloads

Tae a Virus

A bit of Scots' humour to help us through these dark times and make the Bard proud

An article from the start of Covid-19 looking at the risks

A market view - 75% businesses fearing sales loss

Useful Links

Government links:

The Scottish Government helppage for small businesses

Gov.UK page for employers & businesses - updated daily

Official NHS page - updated daily

Stirling council portal for Stirling-based businesses

Other links:

Statutory sick pay & how to apply for it

HMRC helpline to defer tax payments

A report on the pandemic written by epidemiologists

Some bite size notes from people who have had Covid-19

Business Continuity Institute

Based in Falkirk, we support organisations across Scotland.

Get in touch! Tell us your successes, your aspirations and the challenges you face. We will share how we can help – with no obligation for more.