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Smaller or local businesses

As a small business owner you have an area of expertise you have successfully turned into a business - but you may be less confident with some aspects of the business side, and how you can keep growing your business -- most of our clients are great at what they do, but find an expert objective view has helped them to take their business to the next level.


This is where consultants can help - the problem is most high-quality consultancies don't bother with smaller businesses as there isn't enough profit in it for them. That often leaves a limited choice of franchise-led consultants (who don't have the experience themselves), mindset-style coaches, or nothing. 

At AHEAD BUSINESS CONSULTING we are different - we are experienced business consultants, but have a mission to provide high-quality consultancy expertise at a fair price that is affordable for all. We know business, we know how to make businesses more successful, and we can help you to grow yours. 

Our business is helping your business

As consultants our expertise is the business-side.

Mid-sized businesses


As businesses grow it becomes more difficult to keep everyone aligned and focussed, and productivity can decline

Sales can plateau, costs can still increase, profits decline,

New challenges - and opportunities - come up you might not be sure how best to tackle.

As the business owner / leader sometimes it can be difficult to see the problems and solutions clearly as you can be too close.

This is where we as consultants can help.

Objective. Experienced problem solvers. Bring clarity to complex situations. Proven problem solvers, process optimisation experts, people leaders, business strategists.

Talk to us - whatever challenge you face, we want to help.


All corporates are continually evolving. You probably aren't looking for help with your strategy - but delivery is another matter. You may have programmes underway that are running red, or you are not sure are going to deliver your desired outcomes. Or you've set you strategy but don't have the right resources or expertise to deliver all the change you need to achieve.

You are no doubt used to using Consultants or contractors, but we bring something different. We are consultants so can provide individuals or full teams to suit, and guarantee the quality of our delivery, but unlike most consultancies we do not try to load as many people as possible for as long as possible to maximise our own profits. We have a philosophy of operating as lean as possible, by employing experienced senior leaders who bring real value, and we will work alongside your teams to keep your costs low, and help to pass on knowledge to upskill your staff. 

We pride ourselves on our approach and results - so if you want high-quality consultants at a fraction of the cost of the larger firms then speak to us!



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Helen O'Donnell 

CEO, Children's University

The Strategy Day we had from ABC was invaluable. It gave us reassurance that a lot of what we were already doing was on the right track, whilst at the same time challenging us to think differently about our plans, and guiding us with helpful recommendations and advice. 

We left the day with a set of practical plans and actions which can achieve tangible results against our strategic vision, and has made some of the more aspirational goals actually feel real and achievable. 

Yet possibly more than any of this was the insightful and actionable solutions they suggested to a particularly tricky problem we have been wrestling with. Thank you!



Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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